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Fiver – Lost The Plot

• Debut Solo LP from Songwriter and Singer of The Highest Order & One Hundred Dollars, Simone Schmidt
• Recorded Stew Crookes (Doug Paisley & One Hundred Dollars)
• Mastered and cut by Joe Lambert at JLM Mastering, Brooklyn New York
• LP includes MP3 download card
• Triple Crown Audio Recordings, the patriotic home of Destroyer’s Ideas for Songs (1997/2011), City of Daughters (1998), Theif (2000), Ladyhawk’s No Can Do (2012), Duffy & the Doubters (2010), and SPORTS (2009)

It’s late afternoon, April 28, 2013 and I’ve just gotten off the phone with Toronto-born and bred singer-songwriter Simone Schmidt, recently returned from a couple of weeks on the road fronting The Highest Order (in support of their farm-fresh, If It’s Real on Idée Fixe) and gradually settling back into daily city life. We talk of travel, our support of the Idle No More movement, and even what’s cooking for dinner. Still, this call was spurred on by inspiring news from the grapevine, yet another creative creation on the horizon for Schmidt—the anticipated debut long player from Fiver. Never one to remain stagnant, Lost The Plot puts the proof right in the pot for all to taste. Transcending genre and preconceived notions in equal measure, Schmidt’s latest sonic turn is a haunting album that showcases an organically crafted and otherworldly range of well-deep feeling and nerve-ending emotion, all captured on 2” tape in the fashion of her highly respected musical elders (George Jones, RIP).

Lost The Plot also sees Schmidt, a seven-year veteran of the Canadian stage (bolstered by an adult portion of coast-to-coast touring) and studio (the recording was captured at Toronto’s The Woodshed by analog maestro Stew Crookes), take on co-production duties for the first time, a role she will continue exploring—thanks to Crookes’ encouragement—on future releases. Always evolving, Fiver was birthed in 2012 as a medium for Schmidt to write and record original material unencumbered by outside aesthetic or group ideology. It’s a place of reflection and an outlet to tell new and old tales with clear fidelity and control. Fiver is a band. Fiver is a solo act. Fiver takes many shapes and forms. It’s dynamic, sometimes personal, and undoubtedly political. The nine songs on Lost The Plot engage the spirit and soul. They are introspective at times, others, outgoing and frenetic, even treading into madness. Journalistic hallmarks and familiar references are rendered useless here (hacks take note!). Simply listen and learn (I’ll leave the “Like” up to you).

Triple Crown Audio Recordings (Destroyer, Ladyhawk, Duffy & The Doubters, SPORTS) is hella proud to release Lost The Plot on black vinyl, compact disc, and digital formats. The contents of each contain mysteriously mellifluous music, deft playing (performed by the likes of Paul Mortimer-guitar, Kyle Porter-bass, Simone Tisshaw-Baril-drums, and Stew Crookes-electric bass), and Schmidt’s guitar and voice—oh, what a voice—that not only projects words and poetry, but actually has something to say. It’s a testament to people power and hope. Fiver may be a far cry from the auto-tuned Top 40 charts yet its songs demand to be heard by many. Looking ahead (and confirmed by my inner oracle), it’s safe to predict that any which way the wind blows (and it will blow!!!) Lost The Plot is an album you will return to again and again. Spread the good word friends. Fiver has arrived.
Kevin “Sipreano” Howes (Voluntary In Nature, Light In The Attic Records)