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Jason Haywood – A Thousand Miles Since Yesterday

Jason Haywood believes in sticking close to his roots and holds a deep affinity for the singular culture and idyllic surroundings unique to the east coast, where he was born and raised.

Raised on healthy doses of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash, Haywood’s music pays homage to integrity and simplicity of the old guard, while also finding inspiration in the creative innovations of Dwight Yoakam, Gram Parsons, Gene Clark, The Byrds and The Beatles. In the spirit of keeping his music truthful and unassuming, his work draws deeply on the raw narratives that mark life’s complicated journey.

Encompassing themes of affliction, hope, love, heartbreak, redemption, and even betrayal, Haywood imparts brutal honesty in telling the story. His work and vision reflect an unwavering commitment to creating music that listeners can relate to, a credo implicit in the work of the forefathers of country music, and one he strives to protect.

A Thousand Miles Since Yesterday taps into themes as wide-ranging as the despair of a death row inmate, to a man’s recollections of a love gone wrong while traversing the country by rail. His songs embrace a narrative style, laying bare, at times, a personal acquaintance with regret, loss, and old wounds.

Prior to striking out on his own, Haywood was a founding member of The Divorcees, and co-wrote the album You Ain’t Gettin’ My Country. In 2008, The Divorcees received the East Coast Music Award for Country Recording of the Year.