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Shawn Mrazek Lives! – Thought He Was Dead

What’s it like to get kicked off a Motley Crue tour? Or acquaint Mike Watt with the “hump-sandwich”? Ask veteran Vancouver drummer Shawn Mrazek. He has been a fixture in the Canadian music scene for 20 years, playing in such notable bands as Nardwuar & The Evaporators, Doers, The Notes From Underground and Flash Bastard and with everyone from Dan Bejar (Destroyer) to Calvin Johnston (Beat Happening, K Records) to Mike Watt (Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Minutemen).

He is preparing the release of his highly anticipated debut studio album Thought He Was Dead on May 28th. This time out Mrazek emerges from behind his drums to record and perform as a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter. Thought He Was Dead is an eight-song masterpiece of the heart that sparkles, snarls and chimes; a powerful record celebrating the gold sounds of Lou Reed and the earnestness of The Modern Lovers. It is a punk-tinged indie rock collection of tunes that become something more than just music, they become your friend. Songs of exodus, self-discovery, joy, and freedom!

Recorded by Hayz Fisher of The New Values, Thought He Was Dead also includes contributions from many noteworthy Vancouverites: Adrian Teacher of Apollo Ghosts, Stephen Hamm of the legendary punk band Slow, Chris-a-riffic of They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and JP Carter of Destroyer.

Track Listing

1. Man In The Grass
2. Forget The Past
3. Can’t See Me
4. Another World
5. The Forest Inside My Heart
6. My Funny Valentine
7. Invisible Hands
8. Love Is Bursting Through The Walls