Cousins in Montreal Mirror03.02.12

We’re not, like, a cool guy band, we’re a party band,” says Aaron Mangle, 27, explaining why Cousins is more upbeat than they used to be. “There’s very little sadness in the songs now. It’s more satisfying for me to write songs that are trashy and fun but also have meaning.”

Cousins have captured their garagey grit and power pop prowess on the album The Palm at the End of the Mind, out March 20 on Saved by Vinyl. But the Halifax-based project began back in 2006, with the expansion of Mangle’s solo project, A Helpful Diagram. At the time, while he was writing what would become the first Cousins album (Out on Town), he was just beginning to revisit pop songwriting, an endeavour he’d briefly abandoned while studying electro-acoustics…read the full story here